• First, Forgive Yourself - May 20,200959:58

Relationships and Recovery: Using the 12 Steps

Liza Shaw speaks at a Hickory-Area Recovery Seminar about applying the 12 steps to RELATIONSHIPS

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Learning Assertiveness

Liza Shaw is interviewed by attorney, Lee Rosen about healthy communication strategies

Holiday Blues? Surviving Stress Free

Liza Shaw and some former staff members discuss how to remain SANE during crazy-times!

PANDAS/PANS and Lyme Advocacy

Liza Shaw is Interviewed by Hal Rowe of WHKY AM Talk Radio about some often misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses known as PANDAS, PANS and Lyme Disease. She describes the symptoms, the challenges parents face when a child contracts these illnesses, and how she can provide support and advocacy for these families through her coaching and counseling services.

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Working Step 9 of the 12 Steps: Making Amends

Liza Shaw presents a workshop to the Hickory Area Recovery Community, on the subject of setting oneself free from the past by making amends.

Saving Marriage

On the Brink of Divorce

Can a marriage be saved when it is teetering on the edge of DIVORCE?

  1. Codependency and Relationships
  2. Can A Marriage on the Brink of Divorce Be Saved?
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Parenting


Codependency and Relationships

​​Relationships in Recovery ~ Part 1 & 2
Liza Shaw and her mentor, Ed Mackie, present 2 workshops on the paradoxical principles inherent in making intimate relationships truly THRIVE. 


What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Learn about an award-winning Parenting program, "Parenting the

Love and Logic Way."


What Does It Take?

Listen to an interview with Liza Shaw, where she speaks on what is required in order to be able to FORGIVE.

Relationships can become just a collection of "OLD IDEAS."

Transform your relationships by giving up the OLD and creating BRAND NEW IDEAS 

Living a THRIVING LIFE is only possible when we are living "AT CAUSE" in the matter of our lives.

Audio recordings to INSPIRE you  IN creatING a truly thriving life!

Power to

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  • On The Brink Of Divorce29:04

Something About Nothing

Liza Shaw and her mentor, Ed Mackie, philosophize about the TRUE NATURE OF CREATIVITY and discuss how to live a CREATED LIFE.

Move your life beyond merely surviving... to THRIVING.

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  • Learning Assertiveness -- Stay Happily Married Interview with Lee Rosen32:56